(RU) Дизайнерский интерьер
(RU) Апартаменты в центре Санкт-Петербурга Всегда в наличии бесплатные чай и кофе
(RU) Все удобства в комнате Собственная ванная комната
(RU) Апартаменты Демократ на Краснопутиловской 111 Уютные квартиры с высоким уровнем комфорта
(RU) Уютные номера
(RU) Трехзвёздочный отель по адресу 9-я Советская д. 5! Специальная низкая цена и высокий уровень комфорта - только для Вас!
(RU) Бронируйте с выгодой! Специальное весеннее предложение! Подробности в разделе Акции

Inexpensive hotel chain in St. Petersburg

The Democrat hotel chain in St. Petersburg invites guests and city residents to enjoy a cosy European ambience. These budget mini-hotels and apartments have all the advantages to make your stay truly pleasant! What makes them special is comfortable designer interiors with amenities in each room. The hotels and apartments are located in the city center, namely at 95 Nevsky Prospekt, 58 Nekrasova str. which is a 10-minute walk from Nevsky Prospekt, as well as 147 Nevsky, 104 Fontanka embankment, or 26 Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt. The neighborhood is brimming with amazing sights which will make each guest stay memorable, not to mention numerous cafes and restaurants, and nearby convenience stores. Besides, the Democrat hotel at 58 Nekrasova street runs a cafe that offers a 10% discount to every guest, and those who prefer to cook their own meals are welcome to the dining areas located at the premises of the Democrat hotel.